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Con respecto a mi trabajo, hago varios tipo de diseños para paginas web personales, diseño plantillas para subastas y tiendas virtuales en eBay, y también banners y avatares para tiendas en Etsy.



sábado, 24 de enero de 2009

About me...

HI! My name is Elena, and I'm creator of Elena MoonLigth Designs. My work is create Web Pages, Virtual Shops, eBay auction templates, complete eBay store template, logos, web personal pages, Etsy banners and avatars, Blog banners, graphic designs, and more designs.

I dedicate my life to my family,my husband, my dogs, and my designs...I love to design; I almost pass all my free time designing.

About my work, I make many type of designs for page web, but currently, I specialize in designing eBay stores, about me pages, eBay auction templates; and Etsy banners & avatars. I also take special (custom )orders too, if somebody needs something special and specific for their sales or shops, I will design what you need... please fell free to let me know.. I be happy to make one for you..

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